Triple Fluorite Crystal necklace on Copper & Silver chain

$ 280.00

This piece is so dreamy! The 2 side book end fluorites are fixed to the ends of the copper chain where the silver chain re-begins, the center fluorite can slide side to side & upside down. Fidgeters delight! The green fluorite on the side is wrapped securely entirely in silver, the purple fluorite on the side is also securely wrapped entirely in silver & has what I consider a circle halo! The center piece is wrapped in silver & has a copper halo, this piece is moveable, the pendant is moveable, the captured green & purple fluorite is moveable! The back of the chain, at the top where the back of your neck would be is sterling silver. The copper chain is only on the sides. This can be switched to silver upon your request.

I have never made such a necklace, for any additional photos or information please feel free to message me.

Thank you!